Toy & Book Recommendations

Product Recommendations

Here are a number of Science Products and Books that I have really liked and want to recommend to others;

This book, 50 Cool Chemistry Concoctions: 50 formulas that fizz, foam, splatter and ooze is filled with a lot of really good experiments that are pretty easy to do.  Here are some links to some of the experiments we’ve done from this book.



Pop Bottle Science Kit: I got this Pop Bottle Science Kit from my Grandma.  It is a book with over 79 science experiments and comes with a separating 2 liter bottle, some balloons and containers.  There are a lot of fun experiments like the liquid layering.

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The Deluxe snap rover is the expansion to the Snap Rover Snaptricity set.



  • Disc Shooter
  • Digital Voice Recorder
  • Music Sounds
  • Wireless Microphone
Watch my video to see how cool it is.


SnapRover: This is the expansion to the Snaptricity set.  I like this Snap rover because it can drive around and it do lots of tricks.  It’s a little bit funner than the Snaptricity set.  Click here to watch my video demonstration.

Snaptricity is one of my favorite toys.  It is both educational and fun.  It has tons of electrical experiments and it is super simple to understand.  Click here to watch my video about it.

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Marble Run: This toy is really fun because you have a ton of pieces and can build lots and lots of towers that you drop marbles down into.  It also teaches me about Physics.  Click here to watch my demonstration video.

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