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Sciencekid tests Foldscope

Sciencekid uses a new really cheap microscope made of paper, called a foldscope, to look at a piece of spinach. They are brand new and not out to the market yet. Using a magnet strip, you can project it and video it with your phone.

iScienceKid builds and demos Strandbeest walker kit

In this video I describe how and strandbeest works and demonstrate it. Stransbeests are made by a guy named Theo Jansen, who discovered an algorithm for making things walk. Now he is still making them, testing them on a beach near his house…anyway, please watch!

A Rock-Paper-Scissors Robot from Lego Mindstorms

I built a Rock-Paper-Scissors Robot from Lego Mindstorms. Then I programmed it to play RPS. prednisone 20 mg purchase prednisone 20 mg purchase cheap Deltasone Buy doxycycline 80 mg doxycycline dosage for acne purchase doxycycline fluoxetine online , Fluoxetine 20mg Capsules Side Effects, Fluoxetine 20

Magnext ICoaster – Toy Review

I got this Magnext ICoaster for Christmas. I really like it. This toy has a lot of magnetics in it (one kind of science is magnets) and shows a lot about physics. I just wanted to tell the colest part is the glider section where

Snap Rover Expansion – Toy Review

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Marble Run – Toy Recommendation

I want to show you another Science toy, Marble Run. This is a great toy because you get to build tall towers and drop marbles through them. It teaches me about physics too. I really like Marble Run. Watch how it works in my video.

SnapRover: Electricity and Cars

dapoxetine fda 2011 dapoxetine comments buy prednisone 5mg prednisone generic for order prednisone cheap Priligy SnapRover is the next toy in the Snaptricity family that I would like to show you.  It is basically a car and an electricity board that allows you to do more

Snaptricity (Snap Electronics)

I want to show everyone one of my favorite science toys.  My Snaptricity set (Electronic Snap circuitry) buy valtrex zoloft cost per month price of zoloft 50mg purchase zoloft 500mg online at lowest discount price. Free shipping on many  I got for my Birthday last year.