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Isciencekid experiments with Gallium

Gallium is a metal that melts at body temperature watch the cool patterns on it in its liquid state Gallium is a cool metal, with a resistance of less than 0.000 ohms, it is very conductive, but the fact that it melts at room temperature makes

Sciencekid tests Foldscope

Sciencekid uses a new really cheap microscope made of paper, called a foldscope, to look at a piece of spinach. They are brand new and not out to the market yet. Using a magnet strip, you can project it and video it with your phone.

science dry ice bubble

Dry ice bubble!

Dry ice is one of the coolest materials around, besides liquid nitrogen. Which I have say wins the award for being the coolest thing to experiment with, but, back to the point. I made a bubble solution with some dish soap and water. Put some

Non-Newtonian Fluid

In this video, I combine cornstarch and water to make a non-Newtonian fluid (What is that !!!!????).  It is a fluid that changes from solid to liquid depending on the amount of pressure and heat on or around it. cheap zyban online zyban online Buy

Salt and Sugar Crystal Experiment

You might remember, a long time ago, when I made (TRIED to make) borax crystals. It didn’t work, the paper clip I was using just turned black. So I decided to do it again and…drum roll please…success. I found out that instead of using a

How a Buzzer Doorbell works

Strengthening of security personnel is composed of four, 2200 Buy valtrex online org men’s health in 13200 in the ranks of Buy valtrex online org men’s health, 40 … I borrowed some electronics from my Grandpa and thought I’d make a video of it.  I

How Air Friction Works

With a fan, you can show you how to keep a balloon in the air forever! Even if the fan is sideways. This is because of the force of the fan’s air is hitting the balloon evenly on all sides.  So it stays in the air.