Dry ice bubble!

Dry ice is one of the coolest materials around, besides liquid nitrogen. Which I have say wins the award for being the coolest thing to experiment with, but, back to the point. I made a bubble solution with some dish soap and water. Put some water in another bowl,  and then put the dry ice in. I made the bubble by sweeping a rag over the lip of the bowl as you can see here

How does this work? you might ask. Well, the process is called sublimation. It means; going directly from solid to a gas, and vice versa. No stops in between. The frozen carbon dioxide, more commonly referred to as dry ice, sublimates into a gas which fills the bubble and makes it expand. Plants breathe in the gas dry ice gives off, and turn it into oxygen. So if you want to give your plant nice clean fresh air, put some dry ice near it.
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