Monthly Archives: September 2009

How to make a Baking Soda VOLCANO!

I wanted to show you a volcano experiment. You mix baking soda and vinegar (about 1/4 cup of each), then it will come out – kind of like a volcano. We put food coloring in it to make it look more like lava. Watch our

Marble Run – Toy Recommendation

I want to show you another Science toy, Marble Run. This is a great toy because you get to build tall towers and drop marbles through them. It teaches me about physics too. I really like Marble Run. Watch how it works in my video.

How to make a Layered potion

We did this layering experiment from my Pop Bottle Science Kit that I got from my Grandma.  In this cool science experiment, we added different liquids that stay separate because of their density. … Buy Valtrex Online, Order VALACYCLOVIR, purchase valtrex at cheap … We did 5 layers;

How to make Huge Bubbles!

I did a cool science experiment on how to make large, thick bubbles.  It worked pretty well.  Again, I got this experiment from the book, Cool Chemistry Concoctions: 50 formulas that fizz, foam, splatter and ooze. Ingredients; Order Online at USA Pharmacy! buy doxycycline . Approved