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sciencekid swirling dry ice

iScienceKid and More Dry Ice

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Isciencekid experiments with Gallium

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Isciencekid makes a rube Goldberg machine

Watch as Isciencekid makes a cool rube goldberg machine that is awesome and sometimes doesn’t work. denounce regular hospitals per purchase valtrex 500 mg are globally different. This machine deposits an m&m into the users mouth. The m&m can go on a little wheel or

sciencekid music stairs video thumb

Isciencekid makes a musical staircase

I use a MakeyMakey to create a musical staircase that plays when you touch the handrail. Watch my video to see how it works; buy valtrex (Valacyclovir) online without prescription on discount prices. Anti buy Fluoxetine no visa online without prescription Buy cheap Fluoxetine without

spinache leaf viewed through a foldscope microscope

Sciencekid tests Foldscope

Sciencekid uses a new really cheap microscope made of paper, called a foldscope, to look at a piece of spinach. They are brand new and not out to the market yet. Using a magnet strip, you can project it and video it with your phone.

iScienceKid and Kinetic Energy

Exploding Popsicle Sticks!

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my little pony derpy jumping over rain clouds to capture muffins sidescroller game

Awesome programs!

Recently I got into a programming website called scratch, this is computer science, but anyways I made an awesome game, SO PLAY IT! This is a side scrolling my little pony game that I made for my sister, press space to go up, you try