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Isciencekid experiments with Gallium

Gallium is a metal that melts at body temperature watch the cool patterns on it in its liquid stateGallium is a cool metal, with a resistance of less than 0.000 ohms, it is very conductive, but the fact that it melts at room temperature makes it

spinache leaf viewed through a foldscope microscope

Sciencekid tests Foldscope

Sciencekid uses a new really cheap microscope made of paper, called a foldscope, to look at a piece of spinach. They are brand new and not out to the market yet. Using a magnet strip, you can project it and video it with your phone.

my little pony derpy jumping over rain clouds to capture muffins sidescroller game

Awesome programs!

Recently I got into a programming website called scratch, this is computer science, but anyways I made an awesome game, SO PLAY IT! This is a side scrolling my little pony game that I made for my sister, press space to go up, you try

science dry ice bubble

Dry ice bubble!

Dry ice is one of the coolest materials around, besides liquid nitrogen. Which I have say wins the award for being the coolest thing to experiment with, but, back to the point. I made a bubble solution with some dish soap and water. Put some